In the teepee of enlightenment, we gathered to listen, dance and sing. Like an Indian Chief, he sits before us, to orchestrate the holy sacrament of sound and word. "Lets start a cult!" 

Lead singer of ROse & pacific band, Sound Healer, Reiki Master, Author, Poet, Songwriter; Eloi Theopholus, is a peculiar culmination of supernatural psychedelia and free thought intellectualism, a Shaman of Sound and word.

His debut book, "Man Came Down, Electric slide: Poems, Songs and Short Stories," is set to be released In April 2018. The book is a collection of autobiographical writings which contradict absoluteness and propel you into the human experience. A colorful montage of miracles and magic, ceremony and psychedelia, sex and exploration, cynicism and religion; a complete ecstasy of contradiction and truth