Psychedelic pimp, orange corduroy jacket, fur trim, and olive green fedora; Everybody is in and the ceremony is about to begin. In the teepee of enlightenment, we gathered to listen, dance and sing. Like an Indian Chief, he sits before us, to orchestrate the holy sacrament of sound and word. "Lets start a cult!" 

Founder of Royal Poet Records, Sound Healer, Author, Singer/Songwriter, and Beat Maker; Eloi Theopholus, is a peculiar culmination of supernatural psychedelia and free thought intellectualism, a Shaman of Sound and word.

His debut book, "Royal POet: Poems, Songs and Short Stories," is set to be released In April 2017. The book is a collection of autobiographical writings which contradict absoluteness and propel you into the human experience. A colorful montage of miracles and magic, ceremony and psychedelia, sex and exploration, cynicism and religion; a complete ecstasy of contradiction and truth