"What would you give in... to keep the world you live in."  Aeon Xekias is an 18 year old alternative singer songwriter with a message that transcends age and speaks to our generation.  Born into a family of eight, all of them musicians and artists, he was inspired to start making music at a young age.  

It was in a small two bedroom apartment in Los Angeles, where all eight of them lived, that he taught himself to sing and play the guitar at the age of 10.  His older siblings Eloi Theopholus and Zeraphina Quenby started Royal Poet Records in 2015 and soon after they began putting on Loft Concerts in LA. Xekias began opening for Royal Poet Records Loft Concerts, and it quickly became apparent that he had a rare talent that deserved recognition. He signed with Royal Poet Records in 2016 and his brother Eloi began recording him. 

His music is a matrimony of guitar and lyric, with a raw eloquence that imbues innocence and hopeHis first single, "ONeworldtolivein" is a heartfelt plea to humanity, which inspires us to save the world.  

We Present to you... "OneWorldToLiveIn"